Stray Cats

Runaway Boys

Fishnet Stockings

Ubangi Stomp

Storm The Embassy

Rock This Town

Stray Cat Strut

Crawl Up and Die

Double Talkin' Baby

My One Desire

Wild Saxophone

Baby Blue Eyes

Little Miss Prissy

Wasn't That Good

Cryin' Shame

(She'll Stay Just) One More Day

You Dont Believe Me

Gonna Ball

Rev it Up and Go

Lonely Summer Nights

Crazy Mixed Up Kid

Built for Speed

Rebels Rule

Too Hip, Gotta Go

Look At That Cadillac

Something's Wrong With My Radio

18 Miles From Memphis

(She's) Sexy And 17

Dig Dirty Doggie

I Wont Stand in Your Way

Hot Rod Gang

How Long Do You Wanna Live Anyway?

Rock Therapy


Race With The Devil

Lookin' For Someone to Love

I Wanna Cry

Im a Rocker

Beautiful Delilah

One Hand Loose

Broken Man

Change of Heart

Blast Off


Everybody Needs Rock and Roll

Gene and Eddie

Rockabilly Rules Okay

Bring it back again

Slip Slip Slippin' in

Rockabilly World

Rockin' All Over The Place

Nine Lives

Cross of Love

Shotgun Baby

Struck by Lightning

Thing About You

Baby Dont Drag Me Down

Tight Black Leather

Give it To Me

Let's Go Faster

Keep on Running

Runaway Train

Gonna Be Your Rock

Elvis on Velvet

Cry Baby

Please Don't Touch

Lust 'N' Love

Beautiful Blues

Can't Go Back to Memphis

My Heart is a Liar

Mystery Train

Mystery Train Kept A Rollin'

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