Well, the train pulled in the station bout 1955,
I''ve never been to Memphis, but oh man alive!
The town was really buzzin'' bout this cat from Tennessee,
The boy who shook his hips, was such a sight to see.
He was a devil don''t you know,
This greasy cat from Tupelo
Sit right back you rockin cats, and just enjoy the show!

Yeah, I heard the whistle blowin'',
but it was so much more then that.
It was a guitar and a singer,
and this big bass they would slap.
I saw my town a passin'', and I waved goodbye.
Cuz that Mystery Train done hooked me,
like old bourbon whiskey and rye.

Mystery Train Kept A Rollin'') Elvis Presley led the way
(Mystery Train Kept A Rollin'') Johnny Cash was shovelin'' coal
(Mystery Train Kept A Rollin'') Jerry Lee was the brakeman
(Mystery Train Kept A Rollin) Mr. Philips ran the show,
Carl Perkins punched my ticket,
Well this train don''t ever stop
Just hang around and listen boy,
We''ll show you how to rock

(Guitar solo)

I went to Mr. Perkins,
This train''s sure rollin'' fast
Well kid, if you can''t hold on, You ain''t ever gonna last
I told the man in black, to shovel on a little more coal
I went and grabbed my guitar, yelled
"teach me how to rock and roll"


Cuz I knew I was on a ride,
That would take me to the top
Mystery Train Kept A Rollin''
And it''s never gonna stop
The train it hit a tunnel,
Everything got dark as night
Elvis whispered in my ear,
It''s getting rough so hold on tight
This steaming locomotive,
Man we almost jumped the track
Roy Orbision stood up and sang,
We ain''t never turnin'' back
I said, Hey Roy....Hey Johnny....Hey Jerry Lee....
Well now I really see,
Well thank you for the ticket,
But I don''t want the fame,
I just wanna ride on this big old mystery train..........

Train kept a rollin..........
Mystery train kept a rollin........... Get on board.............

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